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Project - Business Intelligence Dashboard

SQL and Business Intelligence

In this project, you'll use Tableau to analyze data, create visualizations, and publish an interactive dashboard online. This is an open-ended project, so feel free to use your imagination and make it your own!

You can use any of the following datasets to create the Tableau dashboard:

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Download any dataset from the above list of datasets (you can also use any other dataset you find online, but please check with us before proceeding).
  2. Import the CSV/Excel workbook into Tableau Public. Set up relationships between appropriate tables, if required.
  3. Create an interactive dashboard with at least 6 different types of visualizations that answer interesting questions. At least 4 of your visualizations must contain filters that can be modified using dropdowns, sliders, etc.
  4. Publish your dashboard to Tableau public, and submit the link to your dashboard below.
  5. Follow this guide for the "Resume Description" field in the submission form:

Sample dashboards on Tableau Public:

Tableau Public Dashboard Link (Required)
Resume Description (Required)
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