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Interactive & practical online courses with real-world projects and a global community of learners

Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas
A practical, beginner-friendly, and coding-focused introduction Python, Numpy, Pandas, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment by completing assignments & building a real-world project.
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
A beginner-friendly introduction to data structures and algorithms using the Python programming language to help you prepare for coding interviews. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment by completing practical assignments.
Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs
A beginner-friendly, practical, and coding-focused introduction to Deep Learning using PyTorch. Watch hands-on tutorials, train models on cloud Jupyter notebooks, and build real-world projects. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment.
Machine Learning with Python: Zero to GBMs
A beginner-friendly introduction to supervised machine learning, decision trees, and gradient boosting using Python and Scikit-learn. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment by completing assignments & building a real-world project.
Web Development with HTML and CSS
Learn Web Development with HTML & CSS
Programming with JavaScript and Node.js
Learn programming with Javascript and Node.js
Web Development with Python and Flask
A practical and hands-on introduction to web development using Python and the Flask framework. Follow along with this course to build and deploy your own website to the cloud using online resources.
Natural Language Processing: Zero to NLP
A practical introduction to modern Natural Language Processing techniques, tools, and models. The course takes a coding-focused approach towards understanding and applying ideas from 50+ years of NLP research to real-world problems and datasets.


Industry-focused programs with a structured curriculum, dedicated support and 1:1 career guidance

Jovian Full Stack Developer Bootcamp
Learn practical skills from Silicon Valley engineers, build real-world portfolio projects, and earn a certification. Kick start your software engineering career!
Jovian Data Science Bootcamp
The Jovian Data Science Bootcamp is a part-time, beginner-friendly, and coding-focused bootcamp designed to help you learn industry-standard tools & techniques and kick-start your Data Science career.