Episode 2 - Jobot Meets the World

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot

In the second episode of "How to Build an AI", we take crucial steps to prepare Jobot, the AI we previously created, for its real-world debut. After thorough internal testing, we're ready to introduce Jobot to users and ensure a seamless and secure experience.

Key steps in this episode:

  1. Adding user login: We integrate a user login system to our site, providing personalized access to Jobot.
  2. Implementing two-factor verification: To prevent spam and enhance security, we introduce a two-factor verification process for user accounts.
  3. Deploying the application to the cloud: We move our application to a cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring scalability and accessibility for users worldwide.
  4. Tracking usage: We develop an easy-to-use tracking system to monitor usage and gather valuable data for future improvements.

By the end of this episode, Jobot will be fully equipped to interact with users in the real world. What challenges and opportunities will Jobot encounter as it expands its capabilities? Keep watching to find out!