Episode 3 - Jobot Learns New Tricks

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot

As users begin interacting with Jobot, we recognize the need to make it truly useful by allowing programmability. In this episode, we explore the process of creating preconfigured prompt templates to make Jobot adaptable to various use cases.

Key steps in this episode:

  1. Discussing programmability: We delve into the concept of using preconfigured prompt templates to enhance Jobot's functionality.
  2. Creating prompt templates: We design versatile templates tailored to various use cases, ensuring Jobot's adaptability.
  3. Developing the user interface: We build an intuitive UI that allows users to easily interact with the available prompt templates.
  4. Releasing and testing: We deploy the updated version of Jobot, inviting users to test out its new programmable features.

By the end of this episode, Jobot will have learned new tricks to become even more helpful to users. How will these new capabilities impact Jobot's growth and interactions? Stay tuned to find out!