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E2: Jobot Meets the World - How to Build an AI


In the second episode of "How to Build an AI", we take crucial steps to prepare Jobot, the AI we previously created, for its real-world debut. After thorough internal testing, we're ready to introduce Jobot to users and ensure a seamless and secure experience.

The following topics are covered in this tutorial:

  • Setting up a cloud database using Supabase for storing user data

  • Letting users create an account to chat with Jobot without an API key

  • Setting up an API endpoint that connects securely to OpenAI APIs

  • Configuring environment variables for secure production deployment

The best way to learn these skills is to follow along step-by-step and type out all the code yourself.

Problem Statement


PROBLEM: Make the following enhancements to the chatbot UI developed in the previous tutorial:

  1. Replace the "Enter API key" input in the navbar with a "Sign In" buttons that opens a login dialog.

  2. Allow the user to sign in with their email (using a one-time login code sent)

  3. Once signed in, allow the user to chat with Jobot without requiring their OpenAI API key

  4. Implement some rate limits to ensure that users can't send too many messages too quickly