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Subarray with Given Sum

The following question was asked during a coding interview for Amazon:

You are given an array of numbers (non-negative). Find a continuous subarray of the list which adds up to a given sum.


# Solve the problem here

arr0 = [1,7,4,2,1,3,11,5]
target0 = 10
output0 = 2,6

def subarray_sum(arr, target):

1. Generic array where subarray is in the center
2. Subarray is at the start
3. Subarray is at the end
4. No valid subarray
5. You have a few 0s
6. There are multiple subarrays with the same sum
7. Empty array
8. Subarray is a single element

def subarray_sum1(arr, target):
    # i goes from 0 to n-1
    for i in range(0,n):
        # j goes from i to n
        for j in range(i, n+1):
            if (sum(arr[i:j])) == target:
                return i,j
    return None, None
# Test the solution here
subarray_sum1(arr0, target0)
(2, 6)
subarray_sum1([4,2,1,3], target0)
(0, 4)
subarray_sum1([1,7,4,2,1,3], 17)
(1, 6)