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Exploratory Data Analysis



After the data cleaning step where we put our data into a few standard formats, the next step is to take a look at the data and see if what we're looking at makes sense. Before applying any fancy algorithms, it's always important to explore the data first.

When working with numerical data, some of the exploratory data analysis (EDA) techniques we can use include finding the average of the data set, the distribution of the data, the most common values, etc. The idea is the same when working with text data. We are going to find some more obvious patterns with EDA before identifying the hidden patterns with machines learning (ML) techniques. We are going to look at the following for each comedian:

  1. Most common words - find these and create word clouds
  2. Size of vocabulary - look number of unique words and also how quickly someone speaks
  3. Amount of profanity - most common terms

Most Common Words