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Webscraping Project on Job list

Scraping Data Science and Related Domain Jobs from Indeed all Over INDIA


Website URL:https://in.indeed.com/

Indeed is one of the 'best-rated and highly recommended' website for Job Hunts. 'It' also allows job seeker to review the ratings given to an organisations regarding their work culture and ethics, pros and cons of organisations rated by "Current Employees" & "Ex-Employees" .

It also provides an useful insight for the salary/packages provided by the organisation for a specific JOB role.

In this project, we will be scrapping the "Data Scientist & Related" jobs available within India that is listed under Indeed and save the data scraped from the website into a .csv file format.

Project Outline

  • Download the webpage using requests
  • Parse the HTML source code using beautiful soup
  • Extract the details regarding the Job-posting, job role, location, salary packages, etc.
  • Compile the extracted information into Python lists and dictionaries
  • Extract information from multiple pages.
  • Save the extracted information to a CSV file.
!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
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