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'Exploratory Data Analysis Project on Global Terrorism Activities'


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Global Terrorism-

Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government or its citizens to further certain political or social objectives.

Terrorism has been described as:

  • The use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.

  • Acts committed by non-state actors (or by undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments)

  • Acts reaching more than the immediate target victims and also directed at targets consisting of a larger spectrum of society.

The following criteria of violence or threat of violence usually fall outside of the definition of terrorism:

  • Wartime (including a declared war) or peacetime acts of violence committed by a nation state against another nation state regardless of legality or illegality and are carried out by properly uniformed forces or legal combatants of such nation states.

  • Reasonable acts of self-defense, such as the use of force to kill, apprehend, or punish criminals who pose a threat to the lives of humans or property.

  • Legitimate targets in war, such as enemy combatants and strategic infrastructure that form an integral part of the enemy's war effort such as defense industries and ports.

  • Collateral damage, including the infliction of incidental damage to non-combatant targets during an attack on or attempting to attack legitimate targets in war.

Project Outlook -

We will be covering up this project under the 5 Steps-

  • Selecting a real-world dataset
  • Performing Data Cleaning and Structuring For Analysis
  • Performing Data Analysis With Graphical Visualization
  • Asking and Answering Question about the Dataset
  • Sumarizing the Insights gathered from the dataset and Conclusions

Selecting a Real- World Dataset

  • In this project we are using the "GLOBAL TERRORISM DATASET" downloaded from the one of the most popular Opensource Dataset Platform Kaggle.

About DataSet - The dataset contains aprrox 180k of Terrorist activity reported under the time frame of 47 years that is from 1970 till 2017.
The dataset have 135 different informative parameters under which an activity has been reported.
These are -
DATE,COUNTRY,STATE,REGION,Number of people KILLED,TERRORIST GROUP responsible for the attack,Attack Types etc.

  • Now let's first Import required libaries and download the dataset and write it into a directory.