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Learn how Ecuador's largest grocery retailer is using Machine Learning to forecast perishable item sales, using XGBoost and Moving Average models. Explore the datasets and build baseline models using Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.

Machine Learning for Grocery Sales Forecasting

Image credits - Mehrad Vosoughi from Unsplash


Corporación Favorita, a large Ecuadorian-based grocery retailer, operating over hundreds of supermarkets, with over 200,000 different products on their shelves.

Corporación Favorita is Ecuador’s largest retailer, with over 1.9 billion US dollars in sales and US$1.6 billion in total assets. It sells consumer products through its network of more than 150 supermarkets '(Supermaxi, Megamaxi, Aki, Gran Aki, Super Aki, Jugueton, Supersaldos and Titán)' located throughout the country’s provinces.