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Managing Data Science Projects with Jovian

Jovian is a platform that helps data scientists and ML engineers

  • track & reproduce data science projects
  • collaborate easily with friends/colleagues, and
  • automate repetitive tasks in their day-to-day workflow.

Uploading your work to Jovian

It's really easy to get started with Jovian!

To follow along with this tutorial, click the 'Run' button above
or Click Here to start a Jupyter notebook server (hosted by mybinder.org)

Step 1: Install the jovian python library

You can do this from the terminal, or directly within a Jupyter notebook.

!pip install jovian -q --upgrade

Step 2: Import the library

import jovian

Step 3: Run jovian.commit

After writing some code, running some experiments, training some models and plotting some charts, you can save and commit your Jupyter notebook.