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#### Task : 🔐

Sameer is an employee , his salary is 5000 and his job
Is to approve loan

Fill in the blanks Below : 🤔

Class :    __Employee_______
Object:   __Sameer_______
Method:  __approveLoan()_______

class Employee:  # creating class
    salary=5000   # this is a property
    def approveLoan(self):   # this is a method
        print(' i approve loan')
sameer = Employee() # this is how we create object.

sameer.approveLoan() # here we are calling method via object
i approve loan
class Student:
    def register(self):
        self.school="IIT" #<-- global scope variable
        gift="phone" #<-- local scope variable
    def whichSchool(self):
        print('i study in ',self.school)#<--global scope
        print('my gift is ',gift)#<-- error coz its a local scope variable

oliver = Student()
i study in IIT
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- NameError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-9-7d92bf43a050> in <module> 14 oliver = Student() 15 oliver.register() ---> 16 oliver.whichSchool() <ipython-input-9-7d92bf43a050> in whichSchool(self) 8 def whichSchool(self): 9 print('i study in ',self.school)#<--global scope ---> 10 print('my gift is ',gift) 11 12 NameError: name 'gift' is not defined