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Analysis of Netflix Movies and TV Shows

By Swapnil Gupta

This dataset consists of TV shows and movies available on Netflix as of 2019. The dataset is collected from Kaggle.com. In this notebook we are going to process and analyze the data using Numpy and Pandas libraries,then we will visualize it using matplotlib and seaborn libraries.

As a first step, let's upload our Jupyter notebook to Jovian.ml.

project_name = "netflix-analysis-course-project"
!pip install jovian --upgrade -q
import jovian
[jovian] Attempting to save notebook.. [jovian] Updating notebook "swapnilg4u/netflix-analysis-course-project" on https://jovian.ml/ [jovian] Uploading notebook.. [jovian] Capturing environment.. [jovian] Uploading additional files... [jovian] Committed successfully! https://jovian.ml/swapnilg4u/netflix-analysis-course-project