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Top Repositories for GitHub Topics


Pick a website and describe your objective

  • Browse through different sites and pick on to scrape. Check the "Project Ideas" section for inspiration.
  • Identify the information you'd like to scrape from the site. Decide the format of the output CSV file.
  • Summarize your project idea and outline your strategy in a Juptyer notebook. Use the "New" button above.
Project Outline
  • We're going to scrape https://github.com/topics
  • We'll get a list of topics. For each topic, we'll get topic title, topic page URL and topic description
  • For each topic, we'll get the top 25 repositories in the topic from the topic page
  • For each repository, we'll grab the repo name, username, stars and repo URL
  • For each topic we'll create a CSV file in the following format:
Repo Name,Username,Stars,Repo URL

Use the requests library to download web pages