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Covid-19 World Vaccine Progress

    The world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences "The Immune System" to recognize and fight off the viruse and bacteria they target. Many vaccines have been developed by different countries for *SARS-Cov 2*
Some of them are listed below:
 💉 Pfizer–BioNTech
 💉 Oxford
 💉 Moderna
 💉 Sputnik V
 💉 Covaxin

The Libraries and the functions used for this project were learnt from the course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas.

Covid-19 World Vaccine Analysis

alt text

Downloading the Dataset

TODO - Download and extract the dataset from kaggle and then convert it into a dataframe.

!pip install jovian opendatasets --upgrade --quiet

Let's begin by downloading the data, and listing the files within the dataset.