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Explore the insights hidden in your Whatsapp messages! This EDA project covers data retrieval, cleaning, and visualization using libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.

Project Whatsapp Message Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)

Author: Michael Chia Yin


  • Introduction.
  • Data Retrieval.
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning.
  • Business & Data understanding.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)
  • Conclusion.


Hello there, thanks for review my notebook! So today we are going to analyse the whatsapp chat that we normally use everydays. In here we are going to use a chat group that is "University group" and in this group we normally will exchage knowleged that we learn by teaching one and others.

Just some informations this group was created early this year that was around 05/02/2020 til 21/09/2020 period. So let us dive in one what we are going to discover!

You can read up my medium post :

Data Retrieval

First before any EDA to be done we must first understand how to get the data we need. Normally we can go to to start getting our dataset. But for this EDA we will use the whatsapp data that everyone can export in they own whatsapp group. Let me show how you are able to retrieval the data easily.

Now what you need to do is just click on More, and Export Chat . 1.JPG 23.JPG

Take note

I am export without media because if the media files is more than a certain value then not all the files are able to be exported 24.JPG

After exporting the file, you now able to view the text file format 10.JPG

Install all the important libraries for this project

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
!pip install numpy --upgrade --quiet
!pip install pandas --upgrade --quiet
!pip install matplotlib --upgrade --quiet
!pip install seaborn --upgrade --quiet
!pip install wordcloud --upgrade --quiet
!pip install emoji  --upgrade --quiet
!pip install plotly_express --upgrade --quiet