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The Olist dataset ?

This is a Brazilian ecommerce public dataset of orders made at Olist Store. The dataset has information of 100k orders from 2016 to 2018 made at multiple marketplaces in Brazil.
Its features allows viewing an order from multiple dimensions: from order status, price, payment and freight performance to product attributes and finally reviews written by customers.


Link to dataset - https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/olistbr/brazilian-ecommerce

Problem Statement

You’re a Data Scientist / Business Analyst working for a new eCommerce company called Olist (similar to Amazon) and you’ve been asked to prepare a presentation for the management that summarizes sales and operations thus far.


  • It’s currently September 2018 (e.g., you can ignore all data after September 2018)

  • The company’s inception was January 2017 (so you can ignore all data before January 2017)

  • Company is US-based, but launched in Brazil (which is why some information is in Portuguese)

You can assume all orders are delivered (so ignore the order state field)

Outline of Project