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Analyzing Video-Game Sales

In this notebook, we will analyze the sales of some video games from a dataset called "Video Game Sales", which can be found on kaggle - here.

This dataset is already uploaded to the project as a csv file named "vgsales.csv".

About the dataset

The dataset contains a total of 16598 games' sales with data based on 11 columns :

  • Rank (rank of game based on global sale)
  • Name (Name of the game)
  • Platform (Supported platform)
  • Year (Year of release)
  • Genre (Game genre)
  • Publisher (Game publisher)
  • NA_Sales (Sales in North America)
  • EU_Sales (Sales in Europe)
  • JP_Sales (Sales in Japan)
  • Other_Sales (Sales in other countries)
  • Global_Sales (Total sales worldwide)

Note: This dataset contains only the video games with sales greater than 100,000 copies.

Downloading the Dataset

We will download a dataset called "Video Game Sales Dataset" from kaggle.

!pip install jovian opendatasets --upgrade --quiet

Let's begin by downloading the data, and listing the files within the dataset.

dataset_url = 'https://www.kaggle.com/gregorut/videogamesales'