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Spotify Streaming History: Exploratory Data Analysis Project

In this project we are going to explore my Spotify usage. Spotify is one the most famous and popular music streaming platform. The dataset used here showcases my personal usage of this platform.

Here on this dataset we can see:

  • The list of songs I played
  • The list of songs's artist
  • How long my usage was and more

I downloaded this dataset from the Spotify's Privacy Setting section, which allows anyone to download their personal usage data. With this dataset I'm trying to analyse my streaming history to gain some useful insights.

For this EDA Project I'm going to use several tools such as Jupyter Notebook,Python and Python Libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, wordcloud, jovian.

!pip install pandas numpy matplotlib seaborn wordcloud jovian --upgrade --q

0. Imports

%matplotlib inline
import pandas as pd # Import for Pandas
import numpy as np # Import for Numpy
import matplotlib # Import for Matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Import for Matplotlib Pyplot
import seaborn as sns # Import for Seaborn
from wordcloud import WordCloud # Import for Word Cloud