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Rainfall in India

The project name as mentioned above is 'Rainfall in India'. This project is part of the course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas. It was a free certificaiton course offered by Jovian.ai and freecodecamp.org.

The dataset that has been used in this noteook is obtained form the website kaggle.com. This dataset presents rainfall intensities of different states and districts of India over a year in csv format.

We will try to visualise and answer some questions on the basis of this dataset. For this we will use the functions numpy, pandas, matplotlib, matplotlib.plotly and seaborn and their respective libraries.

The course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas has proided enough and interesting skills to carry out the visualsation and analysis of any given data. It was wonderful to work with the assignments and go through the live videos to learn the skills of data analysis.

Uploading Dataset

The dataset is downloaded from kaggle.com. And uploaded for analysis.

The dataset has been downloaded and extracted.

import os
 'rainfall in india 1901-2015.csv',
 'district wise rainfall normal.csv',
project_name = "rainfall-in-india" # Project Name