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EDA on World Happiness Report

World Happiness Report is published by United Nation every year with the objective of quantifying the quality of life around the world. It is baseed on surveying a sample of population based on size of population. A Happiness is computed based on paramenters like perception on corruption, social security support, GDP per capita, health care facility, freedom to make choices and generocity.
The dataset has been downloaded from kaggel.com. We try to explore the data to find any trend, replationship and inferences among the variables incolved.
This is a projectwork for the course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas(zerotopandas.com). It equipped me with basic tools such as numpy, pandas, seaborn and matplotlib i order to draw some inferences and answer questions related to any data set.

Downloading the Dataset

Data has been downloaded from kaggel.com which is a online community for python programmers. It has huge collection of data which can be directly imported into python notebook.
The data set has been downloaded from the website by installing the module opendatasets and by calling download function which takes the url of the page containing data. This module only works with data seet from kaggel.com.

!pip install jovian opendatasets --upgrade --quiet

Let's begin by downloading the data, and listing the files within the dataset.

dataset_url = 'https://www.kaggle.com/mathurinache/world-happiness-report'