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Six NumPy Functions

Here are the six NumPy Functions that I thought were good and are to be known by everyone.

  • numpy.swapaxes : This method interchanges two axis of an array.
  • numpy.ndarray.item : Converts an array of size 1 to its scalar equivalent.
  • numpy.char.capitalize : When given string array, it returns a string array with the first letter of each element capitalized.
  • numpy.dot : computes the dot product of 2 elements.
  • numpy.bitwise_and : computes the bitwise and of the given two elements.
  • numpy.ndarray.fill : completely fills an array with a given scalar value.
!pip install jovian --upgrade -q
import jovian
[jovian] Attempting to save notebook.. [jovian] Updating notebook "apr2000cbe/numpy-array-operations" on https://jovian.ml/ [jovian] Uploading notebook.. [jovian] Capturing environment.. [jovian] Committed successfully! https://jovian.ml/apr2000cbe/numpy-array-operations

Let's begin by importing Numpy and listing out the functions covered in this notebook.