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Episode 7 - Jobot Learns to Speak

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot

In this episode, we recognize the growing need for voice-based interactions in various applications. To make Jobot more accessible and convenient, we decide to integrate the Whisper speech-to-text API, allowing users to communicate with Jobot through speech.

Key steps in this episode:

  1. Identifying the need for voice interactions: We acknowledge the importance of making Jobot available for users who prefer talking to typing.
  2. Integrating the Whisper API: We incorporate the Whisper speech-to-text API to convert user speech into text, enabling seamless communication with Jobot.
  3. Converting Jobot's response to speech: We utilize text-to-speech technology to transform Jobot's text-based replies into audible speech for a more natural conversational experience.
  4. Building and releasing real-world applications: We develop and launch several interesting applications that showcase the power and convenience of voice-enabled interactions with Jobot.

By the end of this episode, Jobot will have mastered the art of speech, opening up new avenues of interaction and accessibility for users. How will Jobot's newfound conversational skills impact its adoption and future possibilities? Stay tuned to find out!