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Jovian User Guide

Industry-Focused Programs

We offer part-time online industry-focused programs that provide a university-like environment to help you learn practical skills, build real-world projects, and advance your career by landing a new job or growing within your current job.

Our programs are typically 6-9 months long and require 16-20 hours of effort per week. Each program consists of several courses containing lessons, assignments, and projects covering specific skills.

Here's what our programs offer:

  • Structured Curriculum: The curriculum for our programs is developed in partnership with industry experts to ensure that you receive the required training to excel in specific job roles. The curriculum is constantly revised to keep up with industry trends.

  • Limited Batches: Small batches kick off every month with a meet & greet session, after which you complete weekly tasks to compete for the top spots on your batch leaderboard, engage in discussions with batchmates, and finally present your projects live on your batch graduation day.

  • Live Sessions: Our programs employ a flexible flipped classroom model. Weekly live sessions offer an overview of the week's course material that you can work through over the week at your convenience. You also get to ask questions & participate in discussions with your batchmates.

  • Practical Lessons: Each lesson consists of an interactive & hands-on video tutorial with detailed written explanations and code you can execute & experiment with as you learn. Practice questions help you test your understanding and solidify your skills.

  • Coding Assignments: You work on weekly coding assignments that test your understanding of the topics covered in the lessons. To help you master the skills, most assignments are auto-graded instantly and allow unlimited submissions.

  • Real-World Projects: You'll build, document, and publish several real-world projects to apply the skills you've learned and build a portfolio that you can showcase to potential employers. Every learner builds unique projects, and our team offers detailed feedback & assistance.

  • Dedicated Support: Our programs offer dedicated support via our discussion forum and 1:1 calls with instructors to help resolve conceptual doubts and technical queries. You can also view & answer questions posted by other learners.

  • 1:1 Mentorship: Our team offers personalized mentorship and career guidance to help you identify skills you should focus on, projects you should build, and job roles your should target based on your educational & professional background.

  • Global Community: You get lifetime access to a private Slack community where you can interact & participate in discussions with learners from other batches and alumni who have graduated from the program.

  • Knowledge Base: The program knowledge base is a compilation of the most common and effective advice we've shared with learners in the thousands of 1-on-1 calls we've had over the years. E.g., "Building Great Projects," "Negotiating Job Offers," "Explaining Career Gaps," etc.

  • Placement Support: Our team works with every learner individually to craft an impressive Resume & LinkedIn profile. We also provide curated interview preparation material and unlimited mock interviews. You also get access to a private job board and direct interviews with our hiring partners.

  • Internship (optional): Some of our programs include a part-time internship with Jovian or one of our hiring partners to help you gain real-world experience, boost your professional profile, and stand out from the crowd while applying for full-time roles.

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