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Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge project

Telecom Italia, a telecom company in Italy organized a Big Data Challenge back in 2014. The goal of this challenge was to come up with technological ideas related to big data that in return contributes to innovation by understanding the variables affecting and studying the trend for further analysis in the sector.
As a part of this challenge, Telecom Italia collaborated with other Italian industries and academic organizations to collect data between November 2013 and December 2013 to give to the participants to use. This project is focused on studying trend of telecom data for 7 days (November 1 2013 through November 7 2013) for Milan province of Italy. The dataset used in this study contains spatially aggregated square cells grid of study area (Milan province) segemented in 235x235 meters grid structure,the boundary of the Milan Province, telecommuniocation activity per cell id giving details on to and fro locations for cellular activity and what kind of activity-sms, calls or ineternet usage. The data is downloaded from Kaggle : Following are the data files used:

  • mi-to-provinces-2013-11-01.csv
  • mi-to-provinces-2013-11-02.csv
  • mi-to-provinces-2013-11-03.csv
  • mi-to-provinces-2013-11-04.csv
  • *mi-to-provinces-2013-11-05.csv *
  • mi-to-provinces-2013-11-06.csv
  • *mi-to-provinces-2013-11-07.csv *
  • milano-grid.geojson
  • Italian_provinces.geojson.geojson
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-01.csv
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-02.csv
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-03.csv
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-04.csv
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-05.csv
  • sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-06.csv
  • *sms-call-internet-mi-2013-11-07.csv *
    Final goal of this study is to analyze pattern of the data and observing trends on different kind of telecom activities like receiving and sending calls, sms and intrenet usages.We start by importing necessary libraries.

Importing the Libraries:

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
!pip install geopandas --upgrade --quiet
!pip install opendatasets --upgrade --quiet
!pip install folium --upgrade --quiet
!pip install pygeos --upgrade --quiet
!pip install plotly --upgrade --quiet
!pip install rtree --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
import geopandas as gpd
import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns
import opendatasets as od
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import folium
from plotly.offline import iplot
import as px
import datetime
import plotly.graph_objects as go
from plotly.subplots import make_subplots
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