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Eda Project Tejasvi Sadasivuni

Exploratory Data Analysis Project on Crimes in Austin, Texas

By Tejasvi Sadasivuni


Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is a method used by data scientists and other professionals to analyze and investigate datasets and summarize their main characteristics by employing data visualization methods. EDA also helps in the discovery of patterns, anomalies, hypothesis testing and checking assumptions.

In this project, at the time of its creation, crimes in Austin from 2003 to 2021 are analyzed. The code can pull newer data as it gets updated in the database.

  • The City of Austin, TX maintains a very user-friendly website from where users can download data on a whole range of parameters about the city and do their own analysis to gain understanding or for presentation.
  • The crime data for Austin is in this website, and the csv file for it can be downloaded from there as well.
  • The contents of this project are as follows:
  1. Downloading the data
  2. Clean and save the data to Google Drive
  3. Access cleaned data from Google Drive
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis:
a. Analysis by time period (years, months, days of the week, time of day)
b. Analysis by location

c. Analysis by crime category

1. Downloading the data

We require several packages for this project. Some of those would be installed at the start and others such as folium would be installed when needed.
We install the required packages for this project as follows:

Tejasvi Sadasivuni6 months ago