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Zerotopandas Course Project Starter

Customers shopping dataset in Turkey


The following dataset represents the shopping habit and customers information for 11 reputed shopping malls in Turkey. This dataset contains customer ID , their age , gender , price spent on shopping , payment method, shopping date , invoice ID as well as their shopping category.
This dataset has been downloaded here from and then analyzed the shopping behavior of turkish customers, their shopping preferences, favourite shopping center, spending amount based on the shopping categories, shopping categories based on shopping centers etc.
For this analysis i used jupyter notebook and python libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib and seaborn etc.

Downloading the Dataset

The shopping dataset has been loaded in dataset_url using opendatasets from the site kaggle and then has been seen how many files it contains. This dataset contains only 1 file named 'customer_shopping_data.csv'. The project has been given the name "zerotopandas-course-project-starter".

!pip install jovian opendatasets --upgrade --quiet