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Eda Registered Companies

Exploratory Data Analysis Case Study - Companies Registered in India [1857 - 2020]



" Response to change is the first condition for survival in business." - Dwijendra Tripathi, a former IIM professor

Can you guess when India built its own refrigerator? When was the first diesel engine introduced in Indian markets? To answer them, you have to time travel some 100 or 200 years back into the Indian history! Two World Wars, the Great Depression, India's independence struggle, the Hindu rate of growth, the licence-permit raj, controls on foreign exchange and expansion, and the reforms of the 1990s: a handful of Indian companies have seen it all, and adapted along the way to do well. India has around three dozen century-old companies that are listed and still actively traded.

Let’s take a deep dive into the exciting journey of these intrepid survivors that have contributed to India’s remarkably robust and resilient growth story!

Sanu Ann Abraham6 months ago