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Scraping Seismic Segy Datasets On Us Geological Survey Ramysaleem

Scraping Seismic SEGY Datasets on U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Sharing Geosciences Data for a changing world.


Problem Statement:

Datasets are essential for all scientists to perform research, especially coders geoscientists. There are massive open-source data available online. However, it is often challenging for students and researchers to navigate through the datasets to access them. Because mainly data discoverability is poor, documentation is sometimes lacking, and licences can be unclear. I hope with this project to add toward the solution of these problems, explore all the seismic surveys available seismic data on the USGS website, and contribute by providing 600 seismic surveys in SEGY format ready to download with all the necessary navigation metadata.

Example of Seismic line

Example of Seismic line.png

Ramy Abdallah16 days ago