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Exploratory Data Analysis Project 16842


Reservoir Quality in Producing Sandstones

A Case Study on Offshore Gulf of Mexico

By: Ramy Abdallah

Sandstone Outcrops


Executive Summary:

This project will explore, analyse and visualise publicly available wells datasets from the United States offshore data centre, the USGS boreholes website - Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) with a particular focus on the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) wells. This project will study sandstones quality as a reservoir, the production history of the operators on the Gulf of Mexico and a well summary report to highlight any possible problem. The reservoir quality analysis will examine relationships between average values of porosity, permeability, depth, temperature, pressure, thickness, age, and play type for data files from 2009 until 2019.The porosity plotted and shown in a wide range of plots as a function of permeability and burial depth. Also, the median (P50) porosity will be plotted against depth to examine the porosity trend. Moreover, this project will investigate the companies oil and gas production in the gulf of Mexico for the last five years. Lastly, the analysis will include an investigation of well summary reports of five wells. The project will include web scrapping to collect online well summary reports to generate a word cloud. The project results can be useful for specifying realistic distributions of parameters for both exploration risk evaluation and/or reservoir modelling by machine learning algorithms in the next project.

Dataset websites:

Ramy Abdallah6 months ago