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My Eda Project

Exploratory Data Analysis of the FIFA 19 Dataset in Python


💡 What is Exploratory Data Analysis?

Exploratory Data Analysis refers to the fundamental process of conducting initial assessment on a dataset in order to uncover patterns, spot anomalies, test various machine learning models, and validate assumptions using statistical results and mathematical visualisations.


  • Download and Import libraries

  • Data Preparation and Cleaning

  • Selecting specific columns

  • Finding and Replacing The Null Values In Our Dataset

  • Adding more detailed columns

  • Exploratory Analysis and visualization
    (investigate on what we can get out of these datasets):

  • Wage

  • Country

  • Position

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Factors effecting the players

  • Asking and Answering Questions

  • Who are the top 10 most paid players?

  • Who are the most rated players?

  • How many differrent country players are playing and which country contributes most players?

  • Which are the top most played position?

  • Does every position players are paid equally?

  • Compare left foot and right foot players.

  • Is there any age difference between different country players?

  • Does age effect on wages?

  • Summary and Conclusion

  • Future Works

  • References

Download and Import libraries

Ramakrishna K6 months ago