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Ml Project2

Santander Customer Transaction Prediction using ML


  • Dataset used: Santander Customer Transcation Dataset
  • In this challenge, Santander invites Kagglers to help them identify which customers will make a specific transaction in the future, irrespective of the amount of money transacted
  • The data provided in this dataset has the same structure as the real data they have available to solve this problem.
  • Dataset consists of 200k+ rows and 200+ columns
  • The data is anonimyzed, each row containing 200 numerical values identified just with a number
  • To run this notebook, select "Run" > "Run on Colab" and connect your Google Drive account with Jovian. Make sure to use the GPU runtime if you plan on using a GPU.

Download the Dataset


  • Install required libraries
  • Download data from Kaggle
  • View dataset files
  • Load training set with Pandas
  • Load test set with Pandas

Install Required Libraries

!pip install opendatasets numpy pandas jovian matplotlib  scikit-learn  --quiet
import jovian
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
Ramakrishna K6 months ago