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Scraping Yify Movies Lists

Scraping Movie Details from YIFY Movies


Web Scraping

  • Web Scraping is a way to extract information (or simply data) from webpages using various tools and techniques. You can read more about web scraping here.

Why Web Scraping?

YIFY Movies:

  • YIFY Movies , a website that offers free to download movie torrent links, having an enormous database for movies and documentaries.
  • We would like to extract movie details (like title, year, genre, rating, movie_link, synopsis and no. of times downloaded) for our project.



Here's an outline of the steps we'll follow:

  1. Download the webpage using the requests
  2. Parse the HTML source code using beautiful soup
  3. Searching 'tags' containing data for movie title, year, genre, rating, movie-url, synopsis and number of times downloaded.
  4. Scrap from multiple pages (in our case 20 pages) and compile the information into Python lists and dictionaries.
  5. Save the extracted information to a CSV file.

By the time we finsih our project, we would have a CSV file created in the following format:

Whale Hunting,1984,Drama,6.5 / 10,," A disillusioned student meets a eccentric beggar and a mute prostitute he falls in love with. Together, without money, they cross South Korea to help the girl go home. "," Downloaded 101 times  Sep 27, 2021 at 09:08 PM
How to Run the Code

You can execute the code using the "Run" button at the top of this page and selecting "Run on Binder". You can make changes and save your own version of the notebooks to Jovian by executing the following code cells:

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
Rahul Pandey6 months ago