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Eda Hotelbooking

EDA Hotel-Booking


The aim of this project is to perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on the Hotel-Booking data. The dataset can be obtained from this kaggle link.

This data set contains booking information for a city hotel and a resort hotel, and includes information such as when the booking was made, length of stay, the number of adults, children, and/or babies, and the number of available parking spaces, among other things.


Below is a brief outline of the procedure followed divided into following sections

  1. Setting Up: Installing Relevant Python Packages and Downloading the dataset.
  2. Data Preprocessing and Cleaning: Subsetting the data, Handling missing values and converting country codes to name.
  3. Data Analysis and Visualisation: Data Analysis with respect to country, lead time, cancellations, arrivals etc
  4. Inference and Conclusion: Summary of the inferences and conclusion obtained from data analysis.
  5. References: Listing of various sources

Setting Up

First, install the relevant python packages that will be useful for data analysis and visualisation purpose.

Om Prakash6 months ago