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City Of London Crime Data 2020

City of London Crime Data 2020

How to run this notebook

The recommended way to run this notebook is to click the "Run" button at the top of this page, and select "Run on Binder". This will run the notebook on, a free online service for running Jupyter notebooks.

Waiting for cells to calculate

Please note that some of the cells can take several minutes to calculate and return an output. Please be patient. The workbook loads a lot of data, and some of the analyses and visualisations are complex.

Project Overview

Using crime data published under the Open Data principles in the UK, this project begins an exploration of the deep insights that can be achieved from simple data from public services into how society functions, in this case the nature and prevelance and geographic distribution of crime. Such insights have value from policy makers understanding the demand for policing to citizens being more aware of the risks of crime in the areas they live and work within.

To keep the project constrained, the data used is for the City of London police force and a single year of 2020. And only simple data analyses and data visualisations are employed utilising the Python ecosystem of Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly and Seaborn. For reviewers unfamiliar with the UK, the City of London is the central part of Greater London essentially covering the financial and commercial and government institutions located in central London. This area has its own police force - greater London is policed by the Metropolitan Police or 'Met'. This data analytics tactics of focusing in this way keeps the project manageable. However, the data is available for the whole of the United Kingdon (UK) and the project would scale using the analyses provided in the project.

Dr Alan Warr6 months ago