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Kiva Loans Eda

KIVA Eda project

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1. Introduction

In this project we are taking a look at the dataset from an old kaggle competition. The dataset is of It is a crowdfunding platform for providing financial services to less fortunate or financially exculded people around the world. The Kiva lenders have provided more than 1 bn loans to over 2 million people aruond the world.

In this competition Kiva had been trying to look around the poverty levels of different regions around the world where Kiva has been provinding the loans and bring some valuable insights to the lenders.

Kiva had provided the datasets from its own loaning sheets for 2 years along with the external datasets available publically.

2. Objective

For the locations where kiva is active, the objective was to pair Kiva's data with additional data sources to estimate the welfare level of borrowers in specific regions, based on economic and demographic information.

In this exercise we will try to discover the features of loan participants and connect them with the welfare of the regions from externally vailable datasets.

Manish Babbar6 months ago