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#Exploratory Data Analysis based on a brazilian e-commerce dataset\color{blue}{\text{Exploratory Data Analysis based on a brazilian e-commerce dataset}}



  1. About the Dataset
  • Source of dataset
  • Dataset structure
  1. Overview of the Data
  • Descriptive statistics
  1. Installing libraries and importing modules

  2. Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Monthly purchases. Matplotlib - line plot
  • 30-day rolling average sales. Matplotlib - line plot
  • Average sales by weekday. Matplotlib - unstacked bar plot
  • RFM Analysis. Matplotlib, Seaborn - histogram, Squarify
  • Revenue by product category. Plotyly - Treemap
  • Revenue and Units sold by product category. Matplotlib - Horizontal bar plot with conditional column coloring
  • Geospatial revenue analysis. Using Plotly - Choropleth & Cloropeth_Mapbox
  • Overall revenue by state. Matplotlib, Seaborn - Boxplot
  • Monthly revenue trend by state. Seaborn - Heatmap
  1. Conclusions
  2. Future work
  3. Resources

Luis Mora Feria6 months ago