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Project 1 Web Scraping With Python

Web Scraping for Aviation Weather


!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
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In this notebook, I design a web scaping tool that downloads real-time weather data for a certain list of airports, and stores it in a csv file.
As an air traffic controller, up-to-date and precise weather data is one of the most important informations I rely on during my duty. Those informations are also used by pilots, dispatch agents, flight service specialists and other aviation professionals.

Aviation weather sequences :

The worldwide standard for aviation weather is called METAR. It is an ordered sequence of informations published by weather stations. Weather stations are usually based at airports. METAR are published every hour, in normal operations and sometimes more often, if weather conditions are changing rapidly. For more informations about METAR read here.
Weather informations are available online, in a variety of forms. The GetMetar website offers an easy way to get METAR using airports codes.
Every airport in the world has a unique identification sequence, composed of 4 characters and assigned by ICAO. We will get a list of these identifications from a GitHub dataset.
Web scraping will be done using Beautiful Soup library. We will use Request library in order to get data from GetMetar website.
We will use Pandas library in order to get a database of airport codes, and to manipulate csv datasets.

Mounir Kara Zaitri6 months ago