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Scraping Microcenter Video Cards

Scraping Microcenter for Graphic Card Availability


  • Introduction about web scraping
  • Introduction to microcenter
  • Explain tools used(Python, requests, Beautiful Soup, Pandas)

Here are the outline we'll follow:

  • Setup jupyter notebook
  • I'm going to scrape for graphic card data which includes name, stock status, and card URL.
  • Use functions to take the data and create a dictionary for each url. Combine dictionaries into one dataframe
  • Execute code using predetermined urls
  • Create csv file from the dataframe
  • List references and next steps

Setup jupyter notebook

Here we will setup the jupyter notebook so the notebook can be run anywhere. We will install and import the required libraries. The jovian library is used for uploading to

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
Ethan-Morrison6 months ago