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07 Urban 8k Assignment

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Urban 8k Audio Classification Project

Dataset Description

This dataset contains 8732 labeled sound excerpts (<=4s) of urban sounds from 10 classes: air_conditioner, car_horn, children_playing, dog_bark, drilling, enginge_idling, gun_shot, jackhammer, siren, and street_music. The classes are drawn from the urban sound taxonomy. For a detailed description of the dataset and how it was compiled please refer to our paper.
All excerpts are taken from field recordings uploaded to The files are pre-sorted into ten folds (folders named fold1-fold10) to help in the reproduction of and comparison with the automatic classification results reported in the article above.

In addition to the sound excerpts, a CSV file containing metadata about each excerpt is also provided.

8732 audio files of urban sounds (see description above) in WAV format. The sampling rate, bit depth, and number of channels are the same as those of the original file uploaded to Freesound (and hence may vary from file to file).

Task Description

The Dataset contains 10 classes, we will do classification task on the audio file obtained.

A numeric identifier of the sound class:
0 = air_conditioner
1 = car_horn
2 = children_playing
3 = dog_bark
4 = drilling
5 = engine_idling
6 = gun_shot
7 = jackhammer
8 = siren
9 = street_music