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Bookdepository Scraping

Scraping Bookdepository's Top 150 Finance Books using Python

Web Scraping is the process of using an automated code or a bot to get large volumes of data from websites.Read More on Scraping


The BookDepository is the UK's largest dedicated online bookseller offering the largest collection of books in the world across all the categories.
Founded in 2004 to make "All Books To All" they focus on "selling less of more rather than more of less", differentiating itself from other.In the year 2011, Amazon acquired the firm.
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Through the webscraping project, we'll collection the data about the top 150 finance books from BookDepository. We will use BeautifulSoup library to scrape the data from the Website.

Project Outline:

  1. We will scrape the page []
  2. We will install and import all the required libraries to get the data from Website.
  3. We will get the top 150 books from the page.
  4. For each book, we get ,book name,author name and the url.
  5. From each Url, we get book cost, language,pages,ratings,type and Author details.
  6. We merge the data scraped into a single CSV file.

Completed project will have the CSV file with the following format:


The Barefoot Investor,Scott Pape,296,4.42,US$17.57,Paperback,English ,,ScottPAPE is the Barefoot Investor. For over fifteen years he has reached millions of Australians through his newspaper columns, and on TV and radio. In 2014 Scott and his family lost everything in a bushfire...but what they did next that's the real story.' 

How to run the code.

The code can be executed by using "Run" button at the top-right of the page and select "Run on Binder/colab".You can make the changes and save your version of the notebook

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
# Execute this to save new versions of the notebook
[jovian] Updating notebook "ballalsourab/bookdepository-scraping" on [jovian] Committed successfully!
Sourab Ballal6 months ago