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Eda Project Tripadvisor European Restaurants

Exploratory Data Analysis on TripAdvisor European restaurants


Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is the process of exploring, investigating and gathering insights from data using statistical measures and visualizations. The objective of EDA is to develop and understanding of data, by uncovering trends, relationships and patterns.

In our project, data has been retrieved from the publicly available website . The TripAdvisor dataset includes 10,83,397 restaurants with attributes such as location data, average rating, number of reviews, open hours, cuisine types, awards, etc

Here is an outline of the steps we'll follow:

  • Downloading a dataset from an online source.
  • Data preparation and cleaning with Pandas.
  • Open-ended exploratory analysis and visualization.
  • Asking and answering interesting questions.
  • Summarizing inferences and drawing conclusions.

Use the "Run" button to execute the code.

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian
# Execute this to save new versions of the notebook
[jovian] Detected Colab notebook... [jovian] Uploading colab notebook to Jovian... Committed successfully!

Getting dataset into Jupyter

We'll use the opendatasets helper library to download files from the above URL.

Aakanksha6 months ago