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Playbook to Building a Successful Data Science Career

Wed, Apr 5, 2023 11:30 AM UTC (1 hr)

Playbook to Building a Successful Data Science Career

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It's always great to get advice from someone already at the peak for they know the best way up! We know it isn't easy - building skills, showcasing them in projects & crafting a resume that can help you land your dream career path to success! This is the way to get ahead - Jovian is proud to host Krithika Muthukrishnan, Chief Data Officer at Scripbox!

This power-packed Fireside will be all you need to build a personalised Playbook for your career ahead. We will learn:

  1. Krithika's journey building a successful career from Infosys to Scripbox
  2. How to best use data to solve business problems
  3. How Data Science is used to aid Digital Growth at Scripbox? What metrics does one look?
  4. As a Data Science leader:
  • What are the different profiles in this domain?
  • What skills/qualities do you look for while building your team?
  • Advice on acing interviews
  1. What are the most common professional mistakes young folks should avoid?
  2. What are the most imp tech & non-tech skills one should look to build?