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Lifelong Learning in Tech: Insights from a Veteran

Wed, Mar 1, 2023

1:30 PM UTC (1 hr)

Lifelong Learning in Tech: Insights from a Veteran

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Building a career in Tech is never straight forward. What to learn, how to learn it & where to seek resources in the environment of information overload. What helps here is to look to seasoned Tech Veterans who have seen it all. Those who have worked before cloud was here, from enterprise tools to consumer products.

Jovian is elated to host Yiming Cao, exclusively for our community of lifelong tech learners. This event will show you what's in store for your Tech Career as you grow & learn. Definitely something you cannot miss.


  1. Yiming's journey working at IBM, Microsoft & Ptmind
  2. Deciding what to learn & building proficiency
  3. Learning in different environments, actively & passively
  4. Finding the right mentor to aid your growth

& so much more! Make sure you share this event with anyone who would be interested

Speaker - Yiming Cao

I grew up in China and graduated from Tsinghua University with a BS and an MS degree in Computer Science. For my entire career, I’ve been working in software development and management roles - briefly in IBM first, then Microsoft for 10 years (Beijing and Seattle) & 5 years in a SaaS startup as CTO in Ptmind

During my 17 years in the software industry, I had the fortune to participate in projects of diversity. As my career advanced, I got more deeply involved in the product and business side, but programming has always been my passion. Right now, I’m working on an OSS project called ZenStack, the goal of which is to simplify full-stack development and make it more accessible to people without former CS background - for I always believed that the joy of creation helps people achieve a happy and fulfilled life.