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Let's Talk Data Science! E6: Satyasom Sahoo

Sat, Mar 11, 2023

6:30 AM UTC (1 hr)

Let's Talk Data Science! E6: Satyasom Sahoo

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Getting started on your Data Science career? The data science world sees a lot of traction these days, many students are looking to build careers in this domain. As important as the theory is, understanding how you should approach real-life problems & come up with practical solutions is often overlooked.

Don’t worry! Jovian has got you covered - join Satyasom as he takes you through how AB InBev uses Data Science to create solutions and products in the Sustainability and Maintenance pillar. This event is all you need to understand the applications of Data Science models in helping businesses achieve their goals - whether monetary or for sustainability.


  1. Speaker Introduction & Background
  2. How AB InBev uses Data to solve problems in the Sustainability Pillar
  3. Building your own project & showcasing insights
  4. Career advice for those starting out

Speaker: Satyasom Sahoo

Satyasom is a Senior Data Scientist with over 9 years of experience in Mu Sigma and AB InBev. He was worked on various impactful projects and now focuses on the Sustainability and Maintenance pillar. Join us to interact with him & learn how to set yourself apart!