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Let's Talk Data Science! E5: Lakshya Khandelwal

Thu, Feb 23, 2023

1:30 PM UTC (1 hr)

Let's Talk Data Science! E5: Lakshya Khandelwal

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In this event, you will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of NLP, its applications, and its potential impact on various industries. Our speaker, Lakshya will provide an overview of the basic concepts of NLP and how it has evolved over the years.

He will share a case study & practical examples from his experience, highlighting the methodologies, tools, and techniques he has seen to achieve successful outcomes.

Whether you are a data scientist, a software developer, or a business professional interested in the latest advancements in NLP, this event is for you. You will leave with a deeper understanding of NLP and how it can be utilised to solve real-world problems.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and network with others interested in NLP. Register today to secure your spot!

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Speaker - Lakshya Khandelwal

Lakshya holds a Bachelors and Masters degree from IIT Kanpur and has 7 years of working experience in Machine Learning and Algorithmic trading. Before joining Walmart as Senior Data Scientist, he has worked with Adobe (Data Scientist, Advertising Cloud) and Samsung (Lead ML Engineer, Bixby). He has also worked as a Quantitative Researcher for Worldquant where he traded on $500K+ size portfolio.