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Let's Talk Data Science! E3: Rishabh Gupta

Thu, Feb 9, 2023

1:30 PM UTC (1 hr)

Let's Talk Data Science! E3: Rishabh Gupta

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Getting started on your Data Science career? The data science world sees a lot of traction these days, many students are looking to build careers in this domain. As important as the theory is, understanding how you should approach real-life problems & come up with practical solutions is often overlooked.

Don’t worry! Jovian has got you covered - join us for our curated series ‘Let’s Talk Data Science’ with experienced professionals worldwide. Understand how real data is used to solve real business problems & how data scientists build their careers

What you will learn?

  1. Interview Process for MAANG & more
  2. Transitioning to Data scientist roles and Interview Prep Resources
  3. Learning while working to build great skills

LIVE: Watch Rishabh mock interview with Aakash, CEO at Jovian for a Data Science position!

Speaker profile:

Rishabh has 5 years of experience as a data scientist and has previously worked at Goldman Sachs in their consumer banking division. He has vast experience in building data pipelines, reports, ML models and conducting experimentation.

Outside of work you can find him trying out different cuisines, mentoring students and helping them clear interviews