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Engineering Project Lifecycle 101

Wed, Mar 29, 2023

2:30 PM UTC (1.5 hrs)

Engineering Project Lifecycle 101

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This event is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the entire lifecycle of an engineering project - from the initial planning stage to the final deployment. Our speaker Viraj will take you through the various stages of an engineering project, discussing the crucial steps involved:

  1. Creating the project scope & timeline with inputs from various teams.
  2. Development Plan: Sprint Planning & Resource allocation
  3. Testing, deployment & maintenance
  4. Get a walk through of how a real sprint is completed
  5. Interview advice & tips to stand out from the competition

Through this event, you will gain a deep understanding of the key stages of an engineering project, the challenges that arise in each stage, and the strategies employed to overcome them. As an aspiring developer or someone already in this field, this event is a goldmine! Make sure you watch it live

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Speaker: Viraj Sinha

Viraj identifies himself as a problem solver and in his current role as an Engineering Manager at Atlassian he is working towards making search a delightful experience for our customers by building towards a discoverable, personalised and extensible help in Jira Service Management. He has vast experience as a Front-end engineer and has worked on various projects like SEO improvement, improving Confluence API interaction with Jira, building a native knowledge base viewer. He has previously worked with OLA and in the capacity of a tech lead.